Posted by: Sara | October 31, 2008

Hello people!

If you wonder why neither of us have been updating the last days it’s because we don’t really have access to a computer. We have actually fled the country and are right now in the homeland of all obsessions, ENGLAND!

Right now we’re in Torquay down in south England and I have managed to steal the computer from the small German children living in the same hose (we’re renting an apartment in a house here and they have a computer you can use in the hallway).

 Josephine’s in the shower but I’m writing a letter to my siblings and trying to ignore how much fanfics I’ve missed these days (we’re both starting to have withdraw symptoms) We spend half-a-day up in London and were amazed that in snowed there before it snowed back in Stockholm! Josephine had a heart attack at Leicester Square because apparently Robert Pattison used to hang around there. I died because of all the cute asian guys with cute British accents (can it get any better?)

O well, It’s nice to see that even tought we’re not writing, people are visiting our blog. YAAAY! We’ll try to find more people willing to write here so the blog won’t die if we go somewhere. We’ll be back Tuesday. Bye Bye-cycle!


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