Posted by: Sara | October 20, 2008

Closer to Ideal

I’m not usually into threesomes (who am I kidding, tree hot guys! JACKPOT!) Anyway, this one was totaly great! The angst oh the angst!

It’s an Akamepi fic from Kames perspective. He and Jin are together and in love but what he didn’t know was that Yamapi is another mayor factor in Jins life

 It takes him three weeks to figure out that Jin and Yamapi are fucking, and another two before Jin realises that Kame knows, and that is the reason that they aren’t talking anymore.

Jin wants all three of them to be together but will that really work out?
Yamashita gives him a little push, and Kame stumbles back a few paces.

-I don’t want you misunderstanding anything, he says. I put up with you while Jin is around. That is it. We are not friends, we are certainly not lovers. I am only tolerating you until I can get rid of you. His eyes narrow into something harsher. And I will get rid of you. Because Jin is mine. So don’t forget it, darling.

Kame doesn’t forget. Because he believes Yamapi. Yamapi, who is clever, and sneaky, always gets what he wants.

And it hurts.

The next time he comes across Yamapi, Jin is with him, and two smiles flash Kame’s way. And Pi is the first one to say, -Kame-chan! and wrap an arm around him, and kiss Kame affectionately on the lips. And Jin looks so happy, Kame feels shattered. He doesn’t want Jin to be hurt, but there doesn’t seem to be any other way. Although Yamapi will be the one to drive them away from each other, Kame will be the one to break Jin’s heart.


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