Posted by: Josephine | October 12, 2008

Utterly Desirable Merch.

Why do I have to live in Sweden? Or wait, let me re-phrase, why can’t there be any stores in Sweden, that sells what I want?

I wanted to buy an Edward Cullen action-figure. But the shipping would cost more than the doll itself. And I don’t make that much money, I work at a day care for crying out loud! But I learned to live with that. And I bought two posters last week, which made me very happy. Until this morning.

What is the one thing that can top every single fangirlie merchandise? The one thing that I would die to have? That could only be topped by Edward himself?

I found that they were going to sell cardboard cutouts of James, Bella, and, of course (why else would I post about it?) Edward! It doesn’t say whether they are lifesize or not, but íf they are… argh, I will surely die!

I mean, I can have an Edward standing in my room! He would sooo sleep in my bed! Iiiiip! But, they don’t ship outside the US. Hence my extreme angst at the moment. Gah!

But imagine, my Edward would meet Sara’s lifesize Legolas and they would be BFF’s! Iiiip! Why, oh why, can’t I have one???


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