Posted by: Josephine | October 12, 2008

Crossroads, again

Crossroads by Trixter82

As every fangirl knows, obsession’s don’t last a lifetime. I’ve gone through Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Jane Austen and now I’m stuck with Twilight. Not that I complain about that last bit, not at all.

And it just hit me, that you see this quite well here on our blog. I started out writing about Harry Potter, then shifted to some RH, and then a lot of Twilight. And Sara doesn’t write about Final Fantasy so much anymore. Now she’s more like; Toma this, and Yamapie that. My point, obsession’s change over time.

But, one story that I haven’t stopped reading is Crossroads. And it hit me that I never got around to writing about it. Bad fangirl! But, now I am, so don’t hate me!

This is a AU story about what would have happened if the Sheriff and Gisbourne took another way to the Holy Land. Would Marian survive? Everything depends on a roll of a dice.

Very well written, historically accurate (thank you!) and gripping to say the least. And to top it all, the author’s swedish!

“Let me decide what?” Marian questioned, her voice hostile and irritated. “Knowing you it is a choice between bad and worse if you leave it to a woman.”

“Come now, Lady M. I would hardly consider you a woman. Leper perhaps,” Vaysey grinned. “So, does the leper think we should travel tonight, with this fine boat, or should we wait a day?”

Marian snorted and looked at the pathetic vessel. “Well if you wait we will waste at least a day but if we take this pile of debris we might never reach out goal at all. Why don’t you roll a dice Sheriff?”

“A dice!” Vaysey exclaimed. “Oh I like how you think. A dice, Gisbourne, let chance decide— Well I do not have a dice, but a this will do I think—” He rummaged through his pockets until he found a thick silver coin. On one side there was a head in profile, a big crooked nose and a weak chin, and on the other side a sailing boat. “Now I will flip this, and if it lands with the head up, then we remain here tonight. He looks a bit like Gizzy, don’t you think?”

Gisbourne glanced at the picture on the coin that Vaysey held out to Marian, and restrained a sigh. It was some solace to him that the shackled noble woman snorted and looked away, lacking amusement over the insult, but Guy didn’t want her pity. It was a poor substitute to love and in this grim setting there was no doubt in Gisbourne’s mind. Weather she still held a torch for Robin Hood or not she had never loved Guy of Gisbourne, never returned his affection or mirrored his intentions. The insight made him feel sick, the full range of her betrayal gave him vertigo and his heart plummeted at the realisation that he had been played like a puppet. There were tiny little strings all over his body and they all pulled him back and forth and up and down until he didn’t know where he had his own head.

Vaysey threw the coin up into the air a couple of times and caught it again, saw the sun catch the shiny surface as it coiled like a spinning wheel. Then he nodded at Guy with an excited grin, threw it high up into the air and caught it on the back of his hand with the other palm pinning it down. Slowly he lifted the upper hand with the thick, short fingers moving like spider legs and his mouth formed into an ‘o’ in mocked enthusiasm.

“Oh,” he breathed and grinned at the little audience that studied him with different shades of disdain. “Well, we have a winner. It looks like we take the boat this evening. A round of applauds for the alluring ‘Sibylla’, I’m sure she will be as pleased as any leper to not spend her night alone. Now, now, Gizzy. Don’t be like that. You can’t win every time, hm?” The Sheriff grinned and inhaled the salty air, tapping Guy’s cheek before he clasped his hands and turned to the boxes of fish. “Now, what will we have for supper—fish, fish or fish? Or squid perhaps!”

And thus, not with a roll of a dice but with the flip of a coin, lives were plunged into a new direction. Because the coin showed a picture of a boat and not the silhouette of a man, Lady Marian would never reach the Holy Land and incidentally Sir Guy would never plunge his sword into her belly causing her premature death. As it was fate had something completely different in store for group of Englishmen casting one last glance at the growing village of Famagusta. The wind kept on rising as ‘Sibylla’ left the docks, and Sir Guy was already starting to feel sick from the horrible rocking as the creaking vessel was tossed from side to side by the growing waves.”

The story was updated today, which made me forget about all the angst earlier! Yay, I’m back to my fluffy self! Oh, the chapter was great btw. It was the chapter, if you know what I mean. Squeeee! 😀



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