Posted by: Sara | October 9, 2008

Always Late

I’m terrible at updating! But I have a reason! Both my computers competly crashed, one of them can’t be repaired.  The borrowed computer I’m currently using is the slowest since broadband and is lacking an english spelling program.

You know, I love angst, yaoi angst is like the best thing ever. And I’m totaly addicted, seriously I get withdraw symtomes if I don’t read fanfiction for like two days.  So I choose to read more fanficton then my friends consider healthy:D


This one’s great! It’s only two chapters  fot now but they’re really good! (Angst angst angst, just the way I like it^^) It’s an Akame story in which Kame asked Jin to quit Showbiz, and he did, just like he everything else Kame asked of him.  Finaly Jin gets tires of waiting.

“You are always late.” Pi stood up from his seat. “Always too late for him.”


Kame froze upon Pi’s words.


“You were never beside him.” Pi looked down at the stiff figure grimly. “Yet he was always slowing down, waiting for you to catch up.” He spoke as he turned and began walking towards the door. “And you, you went in the opposite direction, assuming that he will always be at the other end waiting for you.” Pi stopped at the door of the empty bar, his voice loud enough for Kame to hear.

“And there he is, always waiting for you to be ready to walk to him.” Pi turned and looked at the figure who sat frozen by the table.


Kame face paled.


“But you never were.” Pi whispered the last sentence before stepping out of the bar.


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