Posted by: Josephine | October 4, 2008

Not Without My Princess

Have I ever mentioned that I read Disney-fanfics? Well, I do. It’s not something I’m very proud of, I just can’t help it. It’s the same as with my All Human-stories. They just appeal to me. And I’m a fluffer, and how much more fluff can you get then Disney?? Yeah.

Anyway, some months ago, I found this story. It’s an AU version of the Swan Princess. (I know it’s not actually a Disneyflic, but it’s posted under “Disney” on!) And I love it.

The summarie’s basically, that Odette is a servant, and Derek’s a prince. But they are drawn to eachother. They fall in love, but they can’t be together… I know it’s been done before, but I’m a sucker for romance, so this is great.

Odette looked right up into his eyes, ridding herself of any negative emotions. Derek was so close. She gave a small smile and nodded. Though Lilly wasn’t fine right now, “She will be.”

He nodded his head slowly, looking down at her, satisfied with the answer. Her eyes; he had never been this close before. They were breathtaking. He moved even closer leaving virtually no space between them. The intimate proximity did not make Odette retreat, not at all, though in the back of her mind her better judgement was screaming to leave, to not cause trouble.

They stood, wordlessly, not a foot away from each other. Both sets of eyes preoccupied with the other. Her eyes, her blue eyes, held so much. They were sad and they were happy, they were scared and they were cautious.

As he edged in closer he could read them better. They were worried, but so inviting. How strange…

She was so close, yet not close enough. Derek brought his head lower then stopped when his nose met hers. It wouldn’t take much effort to press his lips to hers. But he restrained.

Odette’s audibly even-breathing hitched when he lifted a hand and placed it on the base of her chin, prolonging the moment. Gingerly he tilted her head to the side.

“I see you are making a recovery.” He whispered while inspecting her cheek. It did not hurt anymore; you could barely even tell there had once been a bruise. His small breaths assaulted Odette’s cheek. “That is good to see.”

Goodness, the Prince’s mouth was at an inappropriate distance. She had such difficulty inhaling enough air to speak, she began to tremble lightly. “Tis good to report…” Odette breathed, blinking slowly. It was supposed to sound snappy, but that notion faltered. She sounded completely and utterly mesmerised. Derek pulled his head back a little and looked her in the eyes. His hand delicately began tracing her cheek.

His fingertips started at her cheekbone, noting the tired rings of sleep deprivation under her eyes and then Odette watched them gradually trace a line down to her chin.

“Odette…” he whispered, re-grabbing her attention. She looked into his eyes. They were right in front of her. He was right in front of her.

The problem was that the author had given up on the story. Apperantelly not that many people R&R it. But, like a week ago, she updated with a new chapter! Yay! Me so happy! Never doubt the power of reviews! I haven’t been this excited since Sara and I found the seriously serious Sirius cereals. (Try say that five times fast!). Iiiiiiip


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