Posted by: Josephine | October 3, 2008

You Know You’re a Fangirl When…

I thought I’d reached the limit for my fangirlie-ness. Apperantely… not.

Yesterday, I found myself commenting all the news on my fav twilightsite (link here!) for the second time. And the I had a minor heartattack when I heard Robert Pattinson sing. Go here if you haven’t listened to it.

Am I the only one with true doubts about the prospect of ever finding a boyfriend. Sara and I spoke about this. I mean, it’s not that hard to find someone. It’s just a question about whether or not that person meets our standards.

How can I go back from liking (loving!) someone who is brittsh. Incredibly handsome. Plays the piano. And the guitar. Happens to write his own song, and perform them. Been in a Harry Potter-movie. And plays Edward. Yeah, see my problem? Robert Pattinson is too perfect! It’s so unfair!

But I don’t think I’ve reached Sara’s limit just yet. Read this, say yes to all the statements, and you’ll have Sara. I’m not joking. We seriously do all the “seme”-“uke” stuff.

But I love my life as a fangirl. My parents are worried sometimes. But I love it.


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