Posted by: Josephine | October 1, 2008

Monthly Recommended – September

Spiral Static by Couqettishness 

I mentioned this story in my last entry. So I felt I sorta had to make it my “monthly” this month. Yeah.

I LOVE this story! I mean, it’s weird, but it’s even more awesome after reading Breaking Dawn. Some of the stuff she wrote there, actually happened! It’s crazy! I mean, she wrote the friggin’ “I bit a pillow”-fight thingy! Gah!

So, um, sorry if this post doesn’t make much sense. I’m listening to Moaning Myrtle’s “Prefects are Hot”, and it’s sorta making a bit distracted. Ah, well, here’s an excerpt!

Oh, and I should warn all the younger readers. This is VERY lemon-y. Proceed with caution. Some of the chapters could even be classed as PWP. I know, a bit OOC for me, but I can’t help it!

I was going to kill Alice.
Judging from the beautiful, old-fashioned wedding dress she’d picked out for me, I had assumed that she would exercise similar discretion when she begged to choose my nightgown for the wedding night. She hadn’t let me see it and had only handed me the gift-wrapped box to slip into my suitcase right before they came to get my bags before the wedding. I wished now that I had at least brought a backup nightgown. What had she been thinking? She must have foreseen that I wouldn’t like it.
There was a note inside the box.

Try not to let him eat you when he sees you in this.
I would miss you terribly if he did.
All my love,
Your new sister

Despite my aggravation, I couldn’t help but smile. Alice meant well of course, but apparently I was more modest than even she assumed.

I shivered in the cold hotel bathroom and wrinkled my nose again at the offending pile of satin and beaded lace that was nestled in the box of tissues. I needed something to wear, but I couldn’t make myself put it on. I didn’t see any other options. The complimentary bathrobes were in the closet out in the bedroom where Edward waited, so that was out of the question … not to mention a little silly. I couldn’t exactly go out there in a towel, and I wasn’t about to put my wedding dress back on. I’d only managed to get the itchy thing off five minutes ago.

I glanced at the clothing items Edward had removed and left in the bathroom before I had pushed him out and claimed the room to myself. His dress shirt, still perfectly pressed despite the fact that he’d been wearing it all day, was hung up on the door. His tuxedo jacket was next to it, also immaculate. A bowtie hung around the neck of the hanger.

Problem solved. I tugged the shirt off of the hanger and pulled it on. It smelled wonderful. Perhaps a little too big, but it was a billion times better than the other Alice-approved option.


I had to add this, because well… She’s wearing his shirt. Edward’s shirt! Jealous? Who, me???


And, like “Citizen Erased”, this too, is named after a Muse song.

We’ve been waiting too long.
Waiting for the wrongs to just disappear.”

Spiral Static (live version) – MUSE



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