Posted by: Josephine | September 27, 2008

Miss Isabella and Prince Edward

When you read some summaries, you just can’t help wondering what the author had taken prior to writing it. I can’t even dub them AU, they’re too weird! This one had me laughing for a solid half hour. I’m very sorry for the person whose written it. I’m not laughing at you, I’m just adoring your randomness. (Totally a quote from “Spiral Static” iiiiii)

Bella and her younger sister are from the Roman Republic. Edward is the Prince of Athens. He is betrothed to Tanya, Princess of France. How will Bella and Edward’s relationship ever work? set in 390 B.C. OOC AU All Human subjective to change.

Ah, well, since I’ve been reading way too many AH stories lately, I might as well read this one too.

On a related (or not, but I wanted to mention it!) note; Congrats to Robert Pattinson for winning Best Actor at the Strasbourg Filmfestival yesterday! Yay! Go RPatz!



  1. i really really wanted to read this story(miss Isabella and prince Edward), but i can’t find the full story. where can i read this?

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