Posted by: Josephine | September 21, 2008

Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek by Vixen1836


I’ve completaly fallen for the darkside. I find myself reading more and more All Humans. And I like them :S

This is my latest darling. Nerdy Edward! Iiiii! ❤ Me love!

Okay, a bit OOC, but totally worth it, I mean insecure Edward! *swoooon* This is smutty, so be prepared, and don’t read unless you want to!

Part of Jayeliwood’s Sexy Edward contest on If you haven’t checked it out, go here, and see her favorites list! I highly recommend it! Warning for lemons. Lots of them.

And then, Bella came to a stop next to me. The side of my face grew hot, as she looked down at me, expectant.

“Hi, Edward.”

“Hi, Bella.” I replied, weakly.

I winced at the sound of my own voice. Did I just croak? Why was she standing at my row? She’d always been very nice, smiling frequently, but she’d never said my name or gone out of her way to talk to me. What could she want from me…Edward Cullen…super-nerd extraordinaire?

Beautiful girls like Bella did not talk to guys like me.

Mike Newton and his football entourage entered, boisterous and booming with laughter. We both looked down towards the door, but as she watched them, I watched her. I couldn’t help but admire the way her dark blue blouse set off her radiant complexion. Her eyes, her lips, her rosy cheeks were magnificent. Her long brown locks were tousled, windswept perhaps. Scattered strands littered her soft shoulders.

Suddenly, she shifted her weight and looked at me. Her eyes were anxious. I was staring again and she colored when I looked away from her.

“Um, I was wondering if I could sit by you today…” she whispered, glancing again at Mike Newton’s group. “we have the writing team project and…I figured it would be nice to partner-up…you know, I always have trouble with the names and dates of all of those battles…” she laughed nervously.

What? Was I dreaming? I blinked at her. She shifted her weight again, expecting an answer. Mike’s obnoxious group ascended the stairs and she looked away toward them again. My mind reeled for a second too long and she misinterpreted my hesitation. As always, my words failed me.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed you didn’t have a partner…don’t –“

NO! No way!

“No, Bella, it’s okay. I don’t have a partner. I’d love to work with you,” I said, in a rush of words, a little too anxious.

She smiled in relief.

I stared at her stupidly.

Iiiii, that’s almost as cute as him being angry (mildly, but still) with Bella because she opens her own car door. 😀 Did I mention how much I love Midnight Sun. Best book, hands down. “Was she not used to being treated as a lady, or did she not think me a proper gentleman.” ❤ ❤ ❤ Edward!

Oh, and on a totally different note, but still talking about Edward. Did anyone see the Edward-action figure-thingy? OMG, Me WANT! Iiiiii! See a small picture here

That would be all. Oh, and a late Happy Birthday to Hermione! Cheers!



  1. […] just one thing before I go. Beauty and the Geek was updated last night! I know, Iiiiiip! I thought it would only be a one-shot, but I guess I was […]

  2. I just saw your post on Beauty and the Geek! I loved that story too! AH! I am not sure if you are aware, but the author expanded from the one shot and posted the lemon from BPOV! It’s soooo good!

  3. Yeah, actually I did see that! Iiiip! Have you read it? I thought it was awesome! If you liked it, I strongly recommend “Since Feeling is First”. Sorta the same story, but with Edward the sexy Librerian! Iiiip! Read it! 😀

  4. […] Vampire stories today! Yay, I’m back from all the AH! Well, I think I have to take that back. ”Beauty and the Geek” was updated a couple of days ago. I just say Iiiiip! Me luve that story! Read it, as it is now […]

  5. yey! I saw your site from googling beauty and the geek by vixen1836 – its so good. she finshed it and there is another really good lemon and a final chapter. so good.

  6. Yay, Beauty and the Geek! Squeee! Isn’t it like the bestest fic ever? I don’t know if you’ve read it, but I recommend “Since Feeling is First”, it’s sorta similar, and really good as well. Yeah, read that. You can never get enough of geeky Edward!

    Iiiiip! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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