Posted by: Josephine | September 17, 2008

The Worst Pairing – Submit Yours Too!

Yay, I’ve found something interactive to get some more talk going here! No one comments! But now you have too. Because this is a contest. Sorta. You win fame and a cybercookie. From Edward. 😀

Here’s how:

Add a comment below, and submit what you believe to be the worst pairing/ship-thing, in any fandom. But, you have to find a fic, or picture, or something, to prove that the ship actually exists. Not only a sick part of your own imagination!


I can start with a few myself. Like Harry/Greyback. Or… this maybe. I don’t think I can look Edward in the eyes after this. Just, no.



  1. Oo, I know! That story with Grawp and the Giant Squid! Or Ginny/Hagrid! Remember those Sara?

  2. omg… that was HILARIOUS! i love the face that bella had on XD

  3. by the way, i ❤ jakeward slash, but yeah.
    worst ship of all time? harryp/severuss

    i was like… woa… pedo much?

  4. Hagrid/house-elf; good for a laugh in humor fics but so cringe-worthy for serious fics.

  5. I gotta say that was so funny!

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