Posted by: Josephine | September 15, 2008

Kiss Cam

Kiss Cam by happy-alice

I’m officially fallen from grace. I just read an AH-story, and I liked it. This is not a good sign. I mean what’s next? RPF’s on Robert Pattinson or what not? Ah well, at least I don’t read slash.

But this story sounded soo cute, I couldn’t help reading it. Basically, Bella, Alice and Jasper go to a football game. And they have this Kiss Cam thing, that, if it lands on you, you’re supposed to kiss the person sitting next to you.

Maybe it would land on her. Alice had the uncanny ability “see” the future. She knew when things were going to happen. And I was pretty sure she knew it was going to land on her and Jasper.
But instead, it landed on me. And the guy next to me.
I didn’t even know I was sitting next to someone besides Alice.

Alice squealed again.

A thousand words flashed through my mind, but one stuck.


I didn’t know this guy, and I had to kiss him? No, this was not happening.

But I turned to him, anyways. And what I saw literally made my breath go away.

Seriously, it got caught in my throat.




Iiiii, I really love Bella’s first impression of Edward! Iiiii, can’t get enough of the sweet fluffy remarks she makes!

My only real objection to the story (apart from it being an all human!) is that you found out that Jacob cheated on Bella. I mean, that’s like so OOC it’s not even funny! Jake would never ever do that. Seriously.

But the ending had me, so all in all, I love it. Now go read!



  1. Hey what’s wrong with slash? And perhaps you should ad AH and RPF to Terminology list?

  2. I’ve already done that! I even mentioned some of your obsessions there! Go look! 🙂

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