Posted by: Sara | September 14, 2008


Hi! I feel guilty every time I see how much more Jos does on this blog… Sorry! I’m lazy and I’m watching waay to much jdrama and reading way to much fanfiction. Somehow all my time disappears

Anyway. This fic I have a vague memory of reading sometime before (very likely, I read a lot) but yesterday it really got to me. I’m not very sentimental or easily moved. I seldom cry watching movies or reading or anything like that. This fic made me cry rivers. I think it’s the most angsty thing I have ever read. And its good angst! The mood immediately gets to you and even before anything really happens, you feel uncomfortable and anxious. It’s o great!

Oh yeah, it’s Tomapi btw. Needed some angst after watching the final episode of Maou. Toma is totally great in that one! Now I’m only waiting for Tomas debut and a drama starring Toma and Yamapi and then I can die happily.

“You are living a rather happy life now, aren’t you?” Yamapi asks Toma.Toma puts his hands inside the pockets of his black coat and grins with a hint of that impish childishness unique to him. “You could say that.” Toma blushes and Yamapi sees the proud glimmer in Toma’s chocolate brown eyes. “How’ve you been?

“Busy, been to Taiwan to promote that movie.” Yamapi avoids not saying the title.

“Oh. I watched the trailer on television. My wife wants to see it as much as I do.” Toma carries Aki on his back as they walk to the car.

Yamapi mentions something about how Toma spoils people too much, Toma replies that it’s his nature to give more than what he takes. Toma puts Aki down and searches for his car keys in his breast pocket.

“My wife–” Abrupt pause. “–Saya was asking what your favorite food was…What was it again?”

Yamapi tries not to sound too upset when he says ‘I can’t believe you forgot.’


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