Posted by: Josephine | September 1, 2008

Monthly Recommended – August

Citizen Erased by Couqettishness

Gah, my new obsession-fic! No offense to SM or Breaking Dawn in any way, but I have to admit that this story is an AWSOME version of Bella becoming Vampire.

It’s written as a sequal to Spiral Static by the same author. But it stands on its own, so you don’t have to read it. But I recommend that you do, see my thoughts on that story soon!

Back to Citizen Erased. Well, it basically starts with Bella waking up as a Vampire, beautiful and all that jazz. But, as a result of the painful transformation (or something like that, they haven’t really figured it out yet.) her mind’s erased all her human memories. Or not erased them, they’re like hidden away somewhere. So now Bella has to come to terms with waking up as a vamp, her new powers and the fact that she’s married to someone she doesn’t remember.

Someone was chasing me.

I could hear them, all around me. Their footfalls in the forest were as silent as mine and fast. Yet still I heard them as if they were running right beside me. Without even knowing why, I quickly veered left to avoid my pursuers.

And stopped dead in my tracks.

There, in a clearing of trees, stood a boy.

But he was so much more than that.

I stared at him, utterly fixated. And he stared right back at me, but with a much different expression on his face.

His golden eyes seemed to shake. I could see them quivering in their sockets as he gaped at me, dumbstruck with horror. He was about seventeen or eighteen years old with untidy, bronze hair that seemed to stand on end. Hardly a boy, but not yet a man. Handsome. No, beautiful. His eyes burned into mine with niggling familiarity. His perfect skin, pale as death, sparkled in the sun like a multi-faceted diamond. I wondered for a moment if he was an angel. It wasn’t that far of a stretch. I had just died after all. Or perhaps he was the one who brought me to earth as I was born.

The wind shifted, and his scent hit me like a slap to the face. It sang to me, enthralling me, beckoning me closer. And yet I couldn’t move. Fixed in place by that unbearable gaze.

I opened my mouth for the first time, and somehow I knew how to speak. “Who are you?” I asked.”

There’s so many things I want to say about this fic, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone! Gah, read and devour in EdwardxBella angst at its best!

And as a final note, I just have to tell you that the story’s named after a song by Muse. Which I find pretty darn cool, since that’s like SM’s favorite band. Here’s an excerpt from the lyrics!


Wash me away. Clean your body of me.
Erase all the memories. They’ll only bring us pain.”
Citizen Erased – MUSE



  1. […] Just had to post a quicky telling all of you that “Citizen Erased” has been updated! And that the final chapter and epilogue will be posted tomorrow! […]

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