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Harry Potter vs Twilight

Right. Ever since the Twilight swept over the planet (via lots and lots of teenage girls), critics have named it as the possible “new” Harry Potter. This have made many HP-fans quite angry, ’cause they there will never be ANYTHING like Harry Potter. And I agree.


But I mean, come on, why do they have to bash Twilight like that? I know the writing isn’t as superb as JK Rowling’s, but then again, she’s like amazing. And the books are sorta lacking plot. Unless you call reasons to make it fluffier a plot. But I still love Twilight! I’ve read the books too many times, and I’m planning to continue doing so.


So, consider me Switzerland (hahah, Eclipse referense!) in this war of the fandoms. Thought I’d add two fanarts illustrating the different sides. Here you go! Breaking Dawn SPOILERS!!! DON’T LOOK UNLESS YOU’VE READ THE BOOK!!! Pictures taken from here and here. The Second one is HILARIOUS btw!




  1. hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa

  2. twilight RULES!!!!

    • Real Vampire don’t Sparkle.

  3. Oh come on, Twilight pwns Harry Potter. Time for him to gracefully step aside. Did love the comics though, XD

    • Harry Potter is a classic. The fandom will never subside.

      The only reason that Twilight is popular is because of the romance. Every girl wants their own Edward, because he’s such a “gentleman”. A stone cold adonis. He makes Bella feel like she’s the speshulest snowflake in the world.

      But under all that sparkly crap, Edward is abusive. He actually qualifies for the abuse list, that has been government approved. And Bella’s a snob. To me, it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

      Until you provide a reason why “Twilight pwns”, I don’t believe it.

      Just because Harry Potter wears glasses, he’s not dorky. He could kick your but any day. And even if Edward (or Harry), he couldn’t fight Harry.

      • i like both
        and both of it rules in a different way.
        and edward looks good.
        same time as
        harry looks good too even with the eye glasses

  4. LOL! come on!! it’s so clear! twilight rocks!
    yes… hp changed my life in it’s time but twilight…OMG! i mean… it’s a complete new vision about love and for us girls, is our new concept of “prince charming”…
    we are all decided to send prince charming to hell and just wait for our own edward cullen **

    • I totally agree! Edward is and always will be my idea of a perfect Prince Charming! 😀

      But Harry Potter will always have a special place in my heart. I guess it feels similiar to when you get your second child. You don’t love the first one any less, your love just sort of grows… Does that make sense?

    • Last time I checked, the ‘Prince Charming’ idea was not a ‘complete new vision about love’. Rather, it dates back to the medieval times when fairy tales originated.

    • Edward Cullen may sparke, but Harry Potter shines.

  5. Go Harry! Harry Potter PWNS!!! Also Bella needs a life.

    • U RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Harry Potter rules the world…. It makes perfect sense and Twilight is completely unseseical lol…. I mean a sparkly vampire!?!?! their supposed to DIE in the light and not SPARKLE! plus wat their made of dimonds???????? That is so stupid! And yeah i the whole thing is really stupid – its like totally goth

      • YEAH! I mean, Edward doesn’t kill people and he’s Sparkly… It’s OBVIOUS he’s not a Vampire.. He’s A Fairy! Anyway, I Love Harry Potter! WOOOO! Harry Potter FOREVER!

      • i agree

  6. well, i like twilight, every girl in this world is waiting for her edward cullen but Harry Potter is aweosome! i thnk that they are totally different, each one have its things…

  7. Oh come on guys Twilight is way better. Cuz if you compare Harry Potter to Edward Cullen. Twilight is just better and it always will be

    • nuh uh

    • Please back up this statement with evidence. That Twilight is ‘just better’ is not going to do the task of arguing your case.

    • no way harry potters way better ill give u tons of reasons y it is…. 2. It has a PLOT!
      3. It has Subplots
      4.It has several characters with depth.
      5. JK is not afraid to sacrifice the good guys
      6. The characters aren’t one dementional
      7. JK researches her material, has good use of Latin and history within her books. Spells are named after Latin words and do what the Latin words do. Names of soem characters give hints as to what that character is such as Sirius which means Dog Star for more Albus which means White (pure wizard)­mem­ean­.ht­ml
      8. You can relate Harry Potter to WWII because of similarities you could learn some history from the books.
      9. reason 8 being said some characters are loosly based off real life people Dumbledoor=Winston Churchill and VOldemort=Hitler Death eaters=Nazi’s
      10. Harry Potter teaches a good deal about prejudice and slavery with the use of different imaginative creatures (Which also required research to create)
      11. JK wrote a whole imaginative world that goes further then her 7 books. She thought about more then writing a story but created a whole world with information that never actually made it into the books. Similar to JRR Tolkien (author who wrote Lord of the Rings, if you don’t bother to read classics.)
      12. Twilight WILL fad out it is a fad and many fans are on it because of the Bandwagon effect and because Robert Patterson is good looking But Harry Potter will be around forever
      13. The writing is just better.
      14. Twilight is too predictable and thrown clumsily together. Harry potter is not predictable and JK Rowling ties all knots and answers all questions.
      15. Harry Potter teaches good values and relationships. There are no controlling abusive relationships and the hero can go one without their partner.
      16. The female characters are strong and intelligent. Hermione doesn’t NEED a boyfriend to be a strong good role model for girls everywhere
      17. Harry Potter can be read by any age group. Twilight is geared more towards angst 15 year olds.
      18. The characters in Harry Potter GROW, they grow with you as you read. The first books start out fairly tame but mature as you mature. I had the pleasure of growing with Harry I was 11 when it was released 19 or 20 when it was finished.
      19. A story about a teenage wizard facing off against a dark lord beats one about a sparkling, lovesick vampire anyday.
      20. Even Rob Pattison says he hates Edward Cullen and played him like a manic-depressive.
      21. The main characters in Harry Potter have flaws.
      22. The characters are not entirely evil or entirely good

      23. There are clues put in the first books that will eventually have a great significance later on. (ex: in SS, harry talked to a snake at the zoo. we always thought it was just part of being a wizard, but it reveals itself to be parseltongue which was very useful for harry later on)
      24. The villains are villains for a reason. They’re not just bad without explanation. J K Rowling explained Voldemort and other Deat Eaters and showed why they went bad.
      25. These books initiate young people to read. I’ve heard of many people who didn’t like reading before, but thanks to hp, they now read a lot.
      26. The characters are lovable not because they are hot, or cool, but because of their personalities.
      27. JKR has made the plot and characters so deep that when something significant happens, emotions can really be felt. Like Dobby’s or Fred’s death or when Harry was walking to the forest, understanding that he must die.
      28. It’s not just one genre, like Twilight. It has humour, adventure, action, romance, fantasy, there’s even an adolescent or coming-of-age element. The multiple genres add to the story significantly by being so diverse. With Twilight, I never got that feeling when reading it.
      29. JKR doesn’t repeat herself 500 times, using the same comparison EVERY SINGLE TIME. We get it Edward is hard and cold like granite; you don’t need to use that analogy every time his name is mentioned.

      30. you can see the characters in HP fall in love and watch as their feelings for each other grow. In Twilight Bella falls “unconditionally and irrevocably in love” with Edward in just a few weeks, without knowing anything at all about him, other than he’s a hot vampire (thats like granite of course *rolls eyes*) if 2 people really were to fell “in love” that fast they would probably fall out of love even faster.
      so yeh thats just 30 resons why harry potter is better then twilight got it?

      • Feels like this discussion is getting rather heated. I’d just like to add something. A friend of mine (and also a huuuge HP-fan) is studying latin. And she told me that most of the spells are made up of quite “easy” words. Like the stuff anyone could look up in a dictionary. I don’t want to sound as if I’m complaining or anything, it’s just that sometimes the whole thing with her using old greek and latin and all… I just feel it might be a bit overrated at times. And when writing about magic, and you want to make up spells and stuff, it’s not the first time that those languages are used.

        But I REALLY think that she’s done an AMAZING job with the books, the series and all. I just don’t think you should glorify it so much.

        In terms of character development and willingness to sacrifise main characters, I’ve read works stronger than HP. “A song of ice and fire” by GRR Martin for example.

        And please don’t compare JKR to Tolkien. It’s not to be done – Tolkien created a dozen languages from scratch. The closest JKR comes is one word in Gobbledock(?).

        She did do a better job than that guy who wrote Eragon (it sounds soooo stupid if you know Swedish, seriously) or S Meyer’s try to make vampyrism something to do with chromosomes.

        So I guess borrowing stuff is a sensitive thing, and JKR did a good job. I don’t really know what my point is other than I think that we HP-fans should try to look at the books with some perspective.

  8. twilight is the most stupid and silly book that i see 4ever harry potter is 100000… best that this horrible book

    • yeah huh

  9. twilight is a stupid @?1¿! 4 ever

    • Now see, an unstructured comment using bad language and no evidence will lead to attacks from both Twi-fans and Twi-haters. Please re-comment when you have something valid to say other than swearwords and bad grammar.

  10. OMG !!
    you can´t compare them they are SO diferent ,, i love them both, but come on are you seriously believing that twilight is better than Harry Potter ?. I mean i know that edward is ……… is edward, he is fantastic and the stories are good so as some of their characters but harry potter is an icon , and the way that harry potter books are very well written and twilight no so much.
    Don´t get me wrong I love twilight ,, i love it so much but nothing compares with Harry Potter

  11. Got to agree with the second comic. Aslan especially .

  12. I love Harry potter
    I love Twilight
    but I love Harry Potter MUCH MORE than Twilight


    (+) Edward Cullen is prince charming who is dreamed by almost everygirl in this world, including me. But if I have to choose between Edward and someone whom I’m in love with, like my boyfried, I will choose my boyfriend. So, no matter how handsome Edward Cullen is, it’s not important! It can’t influence me to love Twilight more than Harry Potter. A story can’t be valued just because the actor who plays as the main character is handsome. Everyone who believe in true love will say, “Edward??? Girls, we have our own prince charming!! Why would we wait for someone who looks like Edward?”

    (+) There are many things in this world besides love in someone. There are friendship, family, even faith in truth. They all important. And there are them in Harry Potter, that can we understand the lesson easily.

    (+) If there is someone who ask me to read Harry Potter without stop all day, I think I can do that. Because the book and the story is magnetic. And I’m not sure if there is person who really really really in love with Twilight that can do that. It’s not because of twilight is bad, not at all. But it’s because just love can’t make your life fullcolor. We need more than that ( friendship, family, etc). Right??

    (+) There are many good message in Harry Potter. Like, “Youngman don’t know how it feels to be an oldman. But oldman had ever been a youngman, and they SHOULD NOT forget it!”
    (I said that to my mum when she was blame me of bad thing that happened).

    It’s just opinion, but you better to think about it! OK!


    • Hey girl, you really have an amazing point! I feel exactly the same way you do. Except for the part that i’m not that “inlove” with Edward, I like his sarcasm but i preffer Jacob ^^, he is so sweet, hot and he’s always there to support you. I preffer that than perfection and charm!
      Btw, I think Meyer’s just take the cinderella tale + vampires and werewolves. It’s interesting to know that we (girls) never grew up, because we still love them… And modernize fairytales is stng disney do gr8 lol.

    • I totally agree with you where you say that life is more than just love. The Harry Potter books have family bonds and friendship that people would (and do) die for.
      Bella doesn’t care which parent she lives with as long as she gets to be near Eddie and hardly even talks to her parents. She also just randomly ditches her friends for her Eddie.
      Ed himself would give up the family he has been in for the past 100-something years for his little Mary Sue girlfriend and has no friends whatsoever.

  13. just to be clear, Edward was meant to be a heart- throb, Harry Potter was meant to be the HERO.
    I say go wizards!

    • Yeah, well as much as we need a hero, it would be pretty boring without the heart-throbs. I mean, what would I do with my time if I couldn’t iiip over Edward? Fangirl-ing rocks! 😀

    • That’s why Harry Potter has Malfoy!

      LOL. I know Harry Potter is less of a romance than Twilight, but when it does have it’s romantic scenes… it’s not… all wrong (except maybe Harry/Ginny, but that’s just because it’s forced).

      I mean, I do know that things in Harry Potter are wrong. Slytherin’s are too mean. Gryffindor’s too glorified. Hufflepuff’s too lame.

      And don’t tell me about the Mary-Sue’s, because there are TONS in there. They might all have tons of flaws, but they’re still too perfect.

      But Twilight is still worse.

      • I disagree with you, Harry and Ginny ARE NOT forced, they are awesome (in my mind) and the one woman whose word is law (again probably only in my mind) J.K Rowling says they are practically soulmates.

        And Hufflepuffs i will let you know are also not lame. Or not all of them. Tonks was a Hufflepuff (according again to J.K) and she is fantastic.

        But yes, Harry Potter is COMPLETELY and DEFINATLY superior to Twilight. Even though i quite like Twilight.

        And i’m sorry i’m being lame enough to comment on your comment. (Tonks probably wouldn’t bother, she’s awesome and BAMF)

  14. Hey, anyone ever heard of maximum ride?!!!

    • yes!!!!!!! maximum ride is the stuff right there! it has the action, the romance, the villians… all like harry potter! if anything should be the next harry potter (which there will never be, because man… well… you just can’t beat it!) it will so be maximum ride, who is like the girl Harry!

  15. well, i read twilight because a friend of mine suggest it, i’ve to admit that i thougth that was a waste of time…i got dissapointed in that point: i laugh a lot… but seriously you can’t say twilight is better…. well is better if you want to believe that love is the only thing you need to live……. anyway HP has a full story i much prefer Harry Potter, i found there very good times and the pirnce charming Sirius Black, who needs edward cullen with that??!
    no, really Bella needs to get a life!

    HP rlz!!!!!!!!

    by the way, Lord of the Rings and Narnia are classics

    • i agree with you about sirius

      • I fell in love with dear Sirius while reading the third book and nearly threw up when I saw the way they had shown him in the movies, although that is the better image for someone tormented in Azkaban for 12 years.

  16. Okey, listen to me.
    Nothing can be compared with Harry Potter.
    Nothing can be compared with Twilight.
    Both of them rules, and I love them!
    You should really read both, but they can NOT compete to each other.
    Get it?
    And there are sooooo many other books out there, wich is waiting for all of you. Don’t stop att this books, keep going. And remeber – every book is worth to read – they are all good, but at different ways.
    Thank you for taking time!

    Love you!

    • i started to get quite interestd with harry potter around the time the thrid film came out but … after i started reading twilight, i cant help like every other girl who is a fan of twilight to think stephine is talking to us indivully ! i know so chessy . i so agree they are both brillent nd cant compare them !!!!!!!!! ❤ but if i had to choose i would choose twilight <3<3<3 i personnaly fell in love with the cullens and gradully started to like the wolves ?? team edward! team jacob?? team emmett duh<3 xx

  17. Great comics. I’ve been going over this same debate in my heart and mind…I loove both book series, and when I read HP’s I thought there would never be anything I would love like it…and then came twilight! I love the comment of the books being like your two children..I think that is the best way to describe it, and Maja’s comment on there being more books to read is also very true even though I’m not feeling like it but I know it it true! But I gotta to still say it…I guess I’ll be a bigger HP fan for all my life, don’t know the reason, guess I just have to be loyal to Harry and Dumbledore until the the very end! ;D

  18. WTF!
    HP is lots better than Twilight!
    Twilight is just a compilation of various vampires stories!
    That stupid Edward Cullen has no personality!

    HP 4 ever!!!!

    • Edward sooo has a personality! I actually think he is the only one in the series that actually has one. You just have to get over the fact that Bella sees him as perfect, and that she can’t find any faults in him. But he is a really troubled soul, with serious selfconfidence issues. He gets neurotic and overprotective. Go read some fanfiction and you’ll understand. This fandome is a bit special, but with the proper fanfiction, all will be explained.

      Thank you for reading!

      • SM created him as perfect. And for fanfiction, THEY’RE FANFICTION.

        HP forever. It has more depth, better characters with better personality, and is better written in general. Please don’t go waste your life finding Edward because half the tween population has already done so.

        Edward has perfect looks, is a gentlemen, and is what every girl dreams for. So he’s not a very good character. Harry is, like Edward, emotional and has temper problems, but at least he’s got flaws that you can relate to.

    • go hp!

  19. Josephine, I don’t think it counts as a personality if you only have it in fanfiction. I mean the whole point of fanfiction is to write about things that didn’t happen in the books. So if you have to read fanfiction too find Edwards personality then that means he doesn’t have one in the books.

    YMMW but I personally do not find stalking/spying on ppl sleeping romantic at all. Edward will always be a bit of a creep to me and Bella is just so pathetic that it’s not even funny.

  20. We all know that Harry Potter is way better than Twilight! I so agree with the comic on the bottem. The first comic on the top is full of black tongue lies. Harry Potter is the better book. It has everything that Twilight has but 1000000000000000000000000 times. SO the real winner of this Twilight vs Harry Potter thing is the obvious choice!


    Twilight is corny, boring, stupid , and way to predictable. Trust me. I’ve read the books. It was a waste of my time.

  21. Hay, the second one is Great!!!!
    Especially the end! :)))))))

  22. Edward is a Gary stu. He doesn’t have any flaws. Edward and Bella are both unrealistic characters. The first comic sickened me.

    • the first comic made me laugh because of its retardedness

  23. HARRY POTTER 10000000000000000000000000 times better then twilight!!

    harry potter-aventure, awsome,drama, and he doesnt leave ginny in the forest does he!?

    twilight-sucks!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  24. Ugh, that the two are being compared sickens me. J.K. Rowling created an entire WORLD. Smeyer elaborated on her wet dream. Twilight will never be as good a series as “Harry Potter.”

  25. OMG. Do you people that is commenting that Twilight beats Harry Potter? WRONG AGAIN. Twilight is only a serie (I refuse to call it a saga) for naive girls that believe that everything has a happy ending. And if you count, 3/4 of the Twilight series is about how Edward and Bella are touching each other. It’s boring, it nauseating, and to be honest, it doesn’t have a point in it.

    P.S:I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m not american or brittish.

  26. ALL of my class likes effin’ Twilight. Except me and my two friends. THAT’S INCLUDING GUYS!!!
    Gah! Twilight Sucks. End of story.

    ~ CS deals with bad guys.
    CW deals with dragons.

    • im the ONLY non twilight one in my class


      • I am lucky that I have sensible friends who prefer real vampires 🙂

  27. Dude Twilight sucks!!!!! first of all HP pwns alll and especially if it is twiight!!! 2ndly umm bella if she even had a life she would know that edward is a slick git(from hp!) and i much to GAY for her!!!! i mean when edward left to go to paris he only went there cuz he was so sick and tired of her and it made the gay guy fell jelous theat he cant sleep eat of ever you know what correctly!!!!!!! so he left her…. and Harry potter has magic and stuff life that like fluffy the three headed dog!!! Who in there right mind wouldnt think that is kool?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?! Bella needs a life and edward needs a gay man to love rather than bella cuz she is so syco!!! when she jumped off the cliff i was hoping that she would die and then she would never have to deal with reality…………. and by the way that frist comic sucked cuz harry would’ve got back up and avada cadavera’d that chick and her gay boy friend!!!!! LO F-ING Lz!!!!!!!!!! HARRY POTTER RULES AND PWNS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! twilighters ae gay and should get a life!!!!!!!!

    • I like that so many of you have spoken your opinion in this “far of fandoms”, but please, only write about the fandoms themselves. Talk about the fans in either category in a bad way is not nice. This is meant to be fun. Go somewhere else if you can’t see the fun in them. These are just books you know. 🙂

      • I know what you mean by that, chicka, but these books are just so cool that they grow on us and take us to other worlds… we can’t help but stick up for them! I hope you don’t think I’m arguing, I’m really not. I just wanted to state my opinion.

  28. agreed

    • I’m afraid the proper way to argue is not to name everything to do with Twilight as ‘gay’ and base your argument on that, but rather analyse Twilight with the air of a critic. This way you will be respected by the Twilight community as a true and worthy oponent and with a large amount of encouragement we can maybe save a few Twilight fangirls from their otherwise inevitable fate as a Twi-preacher.

  29. Vampires don’t effing sparkle

  30. Seriously, Harry Potter is so the best out of the two! Harry Potter has been around for a whole decade! It’s a classic and something people will read about in textbooks and things like that years from now! But most stupid teen girls can’t see a classic and they only wanna see something that they think identifies their personal life or what they want to happen in their lives. They want the love and to think that there is actually someone out there who is like Edward Cullen. But seriously, Edward is such a loser, man! HE FRIGGIN SPARKLES!!! How is that even remotely awesome? And yeah, I want a good book that has a plot. Harry finds out he’s a wizard, goes to Hogwarts, and along the way, finds friends, romance, enemies, and finds out that he has a destiny, he has to fulfill a prophecy that was made before he was even born. What’s the plot in Twilight? Bella falls in love with Edward (who is, by the way, her first boyfriend ever) and then… what? They go on merry adventures! No! I use to love Twilight, I even considered my self a twi-hard, but then people began to make such a big freaking deal over it and pushed Harry Potter out of the way. I mean, June 12 was the last day of filming for the Harry Potter cast, and you don’t hear about that on the news, while it was very emotional for Harry Potter fans like me. It also ticks me off to see how they make a big deal of Twilight in magazines and stuff, and you might see Harry Potter on one page, maybe not even that many. Come people! It’s not that hard! Harry Potter rules and the day Twilight is done for good, I’m rubbing it in EVERYONE’S face!!!

  31. […] Cartoon from Fanfiction Blog. […]

  32. Okay just thought i would add my point in here i am a huge fan of harry potter but i have read the twilight series. i believe myself that the debate or fight of who is better realy is not neccesaryi man i bet half of the people here have not even read both books.

    harry potter fans you now we are fans beacuse we love the book right but your not a fan beacuse whe bassicly grew up with the golden trio and we amy just feel a little jealous that HP is not getting all of the attention anymore and people are bagging it beofre reading it.

    Twillight fans i beg you to read HP if you have not it is a very good read and it gives you a better perspective of who is beter i mean the books themselves are in diffrent genres so how we can compare them when one is a romatic plotline while the other is more of an action plotline.

    so i believe both books are a very nice read some more thsan others in my opion but that is just me i find the charcters from HP more easy to relate to with the problems ginny has with harry and hermione has at the start of her first year.

    so we should fight about to books in diffrent leagues i mean HP has been around longer and appeals to a wider audience so more people know about it while twillight is realy more for the female population and not as well known.

    but hey thats just my opinion


  34. HARRY POTTER RULES!! Twilight stinks

  35. Harry potter is the best! It lasted about 10, years, Twilight lasted about 2.
    Harry killed Voldimort, voldimort killed cedric, cedric is edward, so harry killed edward. END OF STORY. Harry is for adults, kids, and teens. i know many adults who read it, kids who read it, and teens who read it. ALL LOVE IT. twilight is for giggly teens. Harry has more real characters, and they grow to love each other. twilight can be summed up in 2 sentences.

    Edward: Oh, what a sweet smelling girl, i cant eat her, so ill make out with her.

    harry is soooo much more complex and soooooo much better.


    • then u’r a slow reader

      • then harry should be arrested and put in askaban
        for killing edward

  36. Twilight ‘love’ is generally based on appearance, with Bella often mentioning how beautiful her Eddie is, and all the guys falling for Bella’s ‘beauty’. The series is almost entirely a string of soppy exclamations of love, of Bells and Eddie saying how perfect the other is, and them killing the only reasonably cool (reasonably) vampires who actually suck human blood and don’t go all Mary Sue and Gary Stu on us.
    Harry Potter has been in my life since I was 4 and I have devoured the books with love. The characters are not powered by love but rather by courage and morality, and although the characters are sometimes cheesily named, they all have separate personalities and lives. The main plot does not only involve Harry Potter but also Dumbledore, Hermione and Ron and characters as complex as Snape are cleverly written. I bet that Meyer could never write a character as important and complex as Severus Snape!

  37. ‘every girl in this world is waiting for her edward cullen’
    Narh I’m waiting for my Remus. ❤
    I used to love Twilight, when I was reading the books to a few months after, then I tried to read it again, and I almost killed someone. I hate the books now, I hate the storylines, most of the characters (Charlie has a a cool 'tasche), I hate the hype. I hate the series.

  38. I feel like I should give my point-of-view here, as an “English and Writing” major, and I will say right from the get-go that I have read the entirety of the Harry Potter series and only the first book in the Twilight series.

    In my opinion, Harry Potter is leagues above the Twilight series. Everything from the writing to the character development to the lessons each book winds down to. Think about it for a second!

    The first Twilight book was fucking RIDICULOUS. The writing was absolutely awful; horrendous really. I’ve had trashy romance novels that read better than Twilight. It is almost like Stephanie Meyer is writing a self-insert fanfiction, because that is what it feels like I’m reading. A really really BAD fanfiction written by a horny 14 year old girl. (Then again, that IS who she is appealing to.)

    Harry Potter is fantastically written and the character development is superb. Even the minor characters have development and the amount of detail JK Rowling put into the storyline makes it seamless.

    Lets address that ever-present issue of Twilight idealizing a textbook abusive relationship. While Meyer may have put the glitz and glamour on Edward, making young, impressionable girls everywhere think that THIS is what you man has to be like, but its soooo wrong. Edward takes control of Bella’s entire life. She has no personality; she lives FOR Edward. Without him, she tries to kill herself. Is that the message we want to be sending out to the young, stupid readers out there?
    Lets also not forget that he basically rapes her. In the last book (what is it…Breaking Dawn or some shit?) when they’re having sex and she passes out in the middle of it because he is being too rough. He doesn’t stop. We are led to believe he continued until he climaxed; isn’t that classified as rape? It is where I’m from.

    I think this whole issue boils down to a message I read somewhere once. I think it sums it up nicely.

    Harry Potter is about the value of friendship, courage, love, teamwork and adding magic to your life.
    Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.


    • Um, I thank you for taking your time to comment, but I just want to clarify something. I know the whole Bella getting bruised on her wedding night thing is a very sensitive topic. But Edward certainly does not rape her. If anything, I’d say it’s the other way around. And she I don’t know if she really passes out, I think it’s more that SM didn’t feel like writing a smut scene.

      And I don’t think he’s rough on her in a sexual way. He just looses controle of his strength. He would never do that to her knowingly.

      I’m absolutely not saying that everyone should love Twilight, but please read the books yourself before you start judging them.

      • I would like to say that you make a very good point. And I agree that people should read the books before the judge. But I have read the Twilight books and I personally think Harry Potter’s better.

    • you said that you have read the entirety of the Harry Potter series and only the first book in the Twilight series. but why know about the sex part on the 4th book breaking dawn theres no part like that written on the back part.

  39. Harry Potter is better than twilight *rages*
    Harry Potter has one thing twilight could never have, even it it’s Shmeyer’s wildest wet dreams: a plot.

    However, Harry Potter does not have a convienient mix of pedophilia and bestiality. “werewolf” imprinting. nice one *laughs*

  40. Harry Potter wins hands down. In EVERY category. Friendship, family, pain and… LOVE!

  41. I read the Twilight books because there was tons of hype and I wanted to see how good they were (I also had just finished reading Percy Jackson books and was out of reading material). I read all of the first one and it took me mind-numbingly to finish. I skipped New moon and eclipse (I’m very ashamed as I have NEVER done that before) and started to read Breaking dawn. I fond it hard it hard to get into and half way through found it so repeative I GAVE UP. However, a few days I started reading Half Blood Prince again and found it more addictive as I did the first time. I found JK Rowling’s writing style better, her character building excellent and most importantingly how real she made the characters.

  42. I’ve read Harry Potter and Twilight, so I am not judging at all when I say I hate twilight. I hate it, I think I even lost brain cells in the process of reading it. I am obsessed with Harry Potter and basically know everything there is to know, but that’s just because I love to read GOOD books:)

    For people who think Bella&Edward are romantic, seriously? (or should I say siriusly.) I don’t know about you, but I don’t find anything romantic about mutant vampire babies, stalkers who watch you in your sleep, 100 year old boyfriends, or detailed descriptions of how perfect Edward is. That’s creepy. Bella likes this because Edward is ‘beautiful’ and she does not have love for him, it’s called lust.

    Harry Potter has love everywhere. The whole reason Harry is ‘The Boy Who Lived’ is because of his mother’s sacrificial love, which protected him from being killed. Harry develops feelings for Cho Chang before Ginny, and gets past his fears to ask her out. And my personal favourite, and the most obvious, the love he has for his friends. Harry protects them at all costs, even if it meant sacrificing himself. Which he ends up doing. He didn’t want Ron and Hermione to come on the search for the Horcruxes because he couldn’t stand the thought of them getting hurt. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

    I could go on about character development, plot, sub plots, writing, morals, and even movies, but I hope you’ve gotten the picture. Twilight is nothing compared to Harry Potter, and will be over as soon as Breaking Dawn P2 is.
    That is all, thanks. 🙂

  43. twilight movie is suck…hate twilight 4’ever,.,,

  44. I just find it so sweet that all the Twilight supporters can barely string a sentence together and there main argument is ‘Twilight RULES!!!!’ Whereas the Harry Potter fans have actually thought out clever, quick-witted and well thought out plans. Using their brains.

    Face it you Twi-Freaks, Harry Potter is here to stay and Twilight (or crap, as I like to call it) will disappear as soon as our generation grows up.

    Why am I writing this? It’s so obvious that Harry Potter wins! Do you really need to know why?

    Love from,
    Emmelie -x-
    (Team Ron, Team Merlin BBC)

  45. honestly!
    both book rocks
    i love twilight and harry potter, but you guys shouldnt fight about it or tell whos better , more beautiful, great, whos bad influence…, how bad it was, boring?
    both books are great in its own way…
    the authors of each book doesnt fight or quarrel like this, even the actors?
    so why do this fight tell whos the greatest
    each people are different in opinions and etc.

    you guys kinda the lost the message
    harry is fighting for peace
    same time for twilight , fighting for peace,
    protecting each other
    leaving peaceful and quite

    and this isnt peaceful….

  46. You have got to admit that twilight was good but it was not good enough to last.
    Harry Potter on the other hand is amazing and way more people like it and I know that because I camped out over night to get the last book and it was amazing. 😀 HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST AND NOTHING CAN EVER REPLACE IT.

    Sirius Black

  47. Ok, I’d just like to say that althogh I have never read Twilight, it sucks. End of story. I know someone who likes Twilight, she talks about it alot so I know stuff about it. It sucks. Edward is just a retarded sparkly vampire and Jacob is a shapeshifting poodle. God, they even took Sirius Black’s last name for Jacob! And he turns into a canine? Similarities? And JK doesn’t repeat a bunch of words over and over again. She was kind of creative with names, have you ever met anyone named Severus Snape [meaning cut in two languages]? Have you met someone named Jacob or Edward? And OUR [meaning HP’s] Bella could kick YOUR [meaning Twilight’s] Bella’s arse! And Harry Potter came first, has an effing plot, their characters have personalities, and the books have multiple genres! Twilight? It’s all about romance and emo sparkly people. When Harry Potter broke up with Ginny Weasley, she kept going on with life. when Edward broke up with Bella, she went into a coma and put herself in danger to hear his voice. Twilight can NEVER EVER comapare with Harry Potter so don’t even try to! The quotes in Harry Potter, especially those by Albus Percival Wulfric Brian dumbledore, were really good, I remember them forever. JK Rowling is my childhood now and for eternity. That’s all, thanks.

  48. Harry Potter is about confronting fears, having inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity.

    Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

  49. Lord of The Rings.
    just saying.

  50. Honestly, I reckon some Potterheads had read the Twilight saga and thinks it sucks, while some Twilight fans can’t understand a word in Harry Potter, then goes back on being a Twitard… I’d read Twilight and I embarassingly grew fond of it. Until I re-read Harry Potter and realized how dumb I am to think that Twilight was a good read.

  51. I won’t say much. I’ll just say that Harry Potter will never disappear. Twilight will fade away. It is maybe exciting at first when it’s new, but the story is one dimentional. Harry Potter has seven books filled with wonder, fantasy, romance, comedy, drama and action. Twilight is overdramatic love between a sparkeling vampire and a depressive girl. They get married and has a child, and thats it. And the last “fight”: “We have to kill the child” “She’s not that kinda child, you know” “Oh, sorry, well, shall we be friends?” “Yeah, sure! Call you later then! Bye!” “Cya”
    Sorry, I just can’t understand how anyone can think twilight is better than Harry Potter. I’m sure those who think so haven’t read the HP books, only the Twilight saga… and that’s sad.

  52. Twilight can go jump off a cliff. It sucks s***. Some of the ‘Twilight moms’ and other squealing fangirls make me suicidal and depressed. Seriously. Sparkling vampires and peed wolves? Get a life Meyer.

  53. I love how people can say that Harry Potter is hard to read. If you think it’s hard, you’re an idiot. It was made for children. You need to go back to school if you can’t comprehend what it’s saying.

    Harry Potter >>>>>>>>>>>> Twilight.
    Hell friggin

    BARNEY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> TWILIGHT.

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