Posted by: Josephine | August 30, 2008

A Week in Hell

 A Week in Hell by SinDit2010

This fic anwers the question that’s been bugging me since Twilight became such a big part of my life.

So, brief summary of the problem; Edward (100+ vampire) falls in love with Bella (17 year old girl). Let’s emphasize on the words vampire and 17 year old girl. As a normal teenage girl, or woman I should say, she would have certain things going on once a month. See the problem?


With all the biology lessons they go through during the first book, it’s odd they never even mentioned it. Plot hole! Good thing this story’s there to fill the gap.

Basically, it’s Bella and Alice concocting a master plan to take advantage of the whole thing to get Edward to bite Bella. It’s a good read, you’ll laugh a lot. Poor Edward!

“Okay so phase 1: Cuddle with him as much as possible. Attach yourself to his side. Knowing Edward, he’ll be too much of a gentleman to push you away, that’s good, because we want him slightly conditioned as time goes on. But remember, no kissing yet!”

“The kissing should be saved for Phase 2: Tempt him with more than just your blood. Sex fuels the bloodlust, so you should be extra careful, but im gonna go ahead and tell you to do it anyway. Sit on his lap when youre watching TV, roll over on top of him “in your sleep”, take a simple kiss way too far… youll drive him insane!”

The sound of her maniacal giggles filled the room.

“and then, when he least expects it, the scent will mysteriously vanish, but he’ll be exaughsted! He wont be able to deny you anything. He may bite you before you even finish speaking” she collapsed on the couch in a fit of laughter, and I along with her. It was so deviously brilliant!”

It was first after reading Breaking Dawn that this really started annoying me. I mean, they sorta mentioned it at one point (on page 123 in my book). But that threw me off completely. I mean, okay, I guess I can understand if she didn’t wan’t to bring it up in the book, since some people might find it embarrassing or offensive or what ever. But then don’t mention it at all, or we’ll (I’ll) be even more curious! Gah!



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