Posted by: Josephine | August 26, 2008

Writers and Bloggers; Look Here!

Hello everyone!

You might have noticed that the site’s been, well, not that active lately. Me and Sara alike feel that we don’t really have time to update that often, with school and work taking up most of our time. That is why we’re now looking for some extra people to come help us make this blog to be as good as it can! So, if you like fanfiction, fanart, wizard rock or any other part of some fandom, please send in an email, or leave a comment, and tell us about yourself and all that jazz. Hope to hear from you soon!


P.S. We don’t bite. (Wouldn’t mind if Edward bit me, but hey, that’s a completely different story!) So don’t be afraid to just say hi. Really. 😉



  1. […] and just to remind everyone. We’re still looking for more people to join this blog. Please contact us if you’re […]

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