Posted by: Sara | June 14, 2008


I am SO sorry. I haven’t updated in ages! I have a lot of excuses but none good enough I’m afraid. One reason is school, I had my national tests in English (no problem and nothing to study) and Mathematics (my worst subject, study study study) and therefore, not much time. The biggest reason or my lack of updating is jdrama. A friend of mine couldn’t shut the hell up about Hana Yori Dango so I watched it to understand what the big deal was. Then I watched season 2. And Gokusen, and Gokusen season 2. And Hana Kimi. Then Nobuta wo Produce, Tatta, My boss My Hero, Nodame, Stand up!!, Kimi wa Petto, Raifu, Zettai Kareshi, Gacki Baka and Honey and Clover (think I’ve got it all now). Safe to say, I understand the big deal. Jdrama ftw! It takes a hell of a lot time but it’s soo worth it. And Now I’ve got several new fandomes to read about:D

Today I found this wonderful webpage full with fanfics about Kame. If you like KAT-TUN or have seen one or more jdramas starring Kame, you’ll properly love this. It’s got everything! Cute Kame, Shuuji to Akira, Bakanishi and absolutely everything you could wish from a Kame fanfics! I’m in luuuv!

From now on I promise to update more often. I’ll propobly be back later today or tomorrow. Bye bye-cycle!


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