Posted by: Josephine | May 1, 2008

Monthly Recommended – April part 1

All for Her by SoundofHorns

Thought I’d be the first to do a Lord of the Rings fic, so here we go. The story is mainly focused on Éowyn and Faramir, but there’s a good deal of Èomer and Aragorn in there as well. The story begins right after Faramir proclaims his feelings towards Éowyn in the Houses of Healing. The main story is simply Éomer coming to terms with his sisters husband to be, Éowyn finally leaving the past behind her and finding herself, and Faramir learning not to be so uptight all the time. And there’s something weird going on between Aragorn and Arwen…



This is such a wonderful piece of writing, and this is actually one of the reasons I became an Éowyn/Faramir shipper. So I urge everyone to read it! And all the characterisation is perfect and the humor…well, let me tell you, I laughed my socks off!





Finished, Éowyn ran her hand over the long braid repeatedly to check it, and then as she was apparently satisfied, she set down her brush and faced them. Spotting the clothes he’d brought her, she picked up the shirt and gave him and Aragorn a look. “Out, both of you.”
Faramir nodded, reluctant but obedient. If they’d been alone he might have teased her for a while to fluster her more than anything, but of course…he shook his head in disappointed irritation. He’d begun to turn when Aragorn sighed, “Why do I have to go? I’m very comfortable.”
Éowyn looked suddenly uneasy, “I said get out.”
Faramir was confused at the chuckled reply, “There’s no point anymore and you know it.”
“You don’t-I’m not…” She rolled her eyes, fingers tugging on the dolphin pendant; he could feel her frustration and embarrassment? Why is she so embarrassed? Faramir didn’t have time to try and find out because she immediately snapped back, “I don’t care, Aragorn, you’re not staying-get up and go!”
Warily, he glanced at the grinning man on the bed. A sense of merriment practically oozed from Aragorn’s mind, while Éowyn felt distinctly uncomfortable. Concerned, Faramir asked, “What are you two talking about?”
“Do you want to tell him or shall we,” Aragorn snickered, “let him find out on his own? I warn you though, he’ll be jealous. I would.”
“Jealous of what?” He looked at Éowyn, who was staring at the floor. “What is he talking about?”
There was no answer from her. Aragorn was silent, wearing a smile, his arms folded behind his head. Abruptly she burst out, “Oh, this is so damn ridiculous!”
“What?” He touched her mind, reassuring at the same time he sought the source of her distress. Éowyn? You can tell me anything. “What’s ridiculous?”
“Aragorn-“she looked at the ceiling, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her hand clasped around her necklace. Her embarrassment grew and he waited until she blurted, “Aragorn saw me naked.”






This story’s been around for some time, since mid 2006 or something, and it’s been a while since the last update. But I’m totally hooked, so I still check like once a week to see if there’s a new chapter. So it’s definitely worth reading!


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