Posted by: Josephine | April 27, 2008


A couple a days ago, Sara and I read this fic… and we couldn’t stop laughing! Which is quite sad, because the author had put a lot of work on it, and it wasn’t supposed to be funny. But it was the most Mary-Sue-ish (is that a word??) story we’ve ever read. That wasn’t supposed to be a parody. And all the other authors were really quite mean to this girl, and sad a bunch of unfriendly things to her. This proves once again that no one should publish anything on the Lord of the Rings section on, ’cause there’s no love there.


When I write something, I want to her nice things, otherwise there would be no fun in there. If you can’t think of anything  nice to say, don’t say anything at all. You don’t need to prove yourself to this poor author who’s just written her first story. Give her some time, and maybe she’ll do something better next time. Don’t ruin her self-confidence, that’s not the fanfiction way! That was my lecture for today.


And to all the new writers, a good tip is to let someone beta your stories before you publish them…to minimize any mary-sue-ish behaviour! And if you’re still a bit uncertain as to whether your OC could be classified as one or not, I recommend this test!


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