Posted by: Josephine | April 10, 2008

More WRock!

Yay, more wrock! So, the band I thought I’d do a bit promo for today is…Ginny and the Weasleys! They’re really talented and their songs actually sound like real songs. This is the only w-rock band my mother allows me to play outside my room! You can follow the link to their offical website, or you can go to their myspace here. All the songs are available for download on the official site.


The only, at a loss for a better word, bad thing is that they haven’t published a new song in ages. But all their older ones are extremely good and well planned. I recommend “Dean Don’t Push Me”, “Dumbledore’s Army” and “When Harry Came to Stay”. They are my favs, but I love them all!


And I can also mention that the songs are from Ginnys POV. In case you didn’t get it.



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