Posted by: Josephine | April 7, 2008

A Game of Chess

A Game of Chess by Altariel

While I was at it, I thought I’d do another LotR fic. This is one that’s been in the back at my mind for a long time as one of the best angst stories I’ve read. Actually, angst is usually quite well written, since the more inexperienced writers tend to do more fluff or Mary-Sues. But this one always stuck out to me.
The main focus is yet again Faramir/Éowyn. The story begins with some nice fluffy moments on their wedding day, and the first time in Ithilien. But then a tragic incident throws Faramir down in a deep depression. He suffers from survivors guilt, and is unable to continue as a soldier. This strains his relationship with Éowyn. He feels he cannot talk to her about it, and that he isn’t the husband she deserves. And Éowyn has to deal with her new role as wife and mother, which is hard for her, since she grew up without a mother, and doesn’t no what to do

I feel my short summary doesn’t do the work any justice, you need to read it to understand. It’s quite long, and I’ve only read it through twice, but it made me cry both times. As a fluffer you need to read this, otherwise you don’t appreciate the good times.

I have therefore decided not to include a quote or snippet from it. I don’t want to ruin the story by having you reading a bit out of place and content. But please read it!







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