Posted by: Josephine | March 31, 2008

Monthly Recommended – March part 2


 Sunday Afternoon’s

This is simply a wonderful story. I seldom cry over books, movies or fanfiction but when I finished reading this, tears was streaming down my cheeks (I looked totally ugly with mascara all over my face). I don’t want to destroy the experience for any of you that might read it,so I won’t tell you about the ending but oh I loved it.

This story was so beautiful and sincere that even though we’re actually not finished with our blog yet and haven’t started writing I just HAD to write this so I wouldn’t forget. Ok Sara, calm yourself down. *deep breaths* This magnificent story is slash (of course, I’m reading it!) AU Final Fantasy VII (with Kingdom Hearts mixed into it to but I haven’t played KH and still understood everything so…) Main pairing is Zack/Cloud and the fic mostly focus on their relationship.

“His eyes were immediately drawn to Zack’s eyes and Cloud couldn’t help but stare. They were a silvery purple colour unlike anything he had ever seen. Cloud was thrown back into reality when Reno nudged him in the arm.“And this is Zack!” Reno said smiling.Zack grinned back at Cloud and waved. “Hey! Nice to meet you…Cloud!” He said, trying to remember his name. Cloud just waved back slightly and turned his head back to the front of the car. A faint red colour crept across Cloud’s face thinking about how he stared. Normal people didn’t just gawk at strangers, and normal guys didn’t stare at other guy’s eyes, especially if you just met them. Smooth Cloud, real smooth.”

Love at first sight ❤ They are just so NAAAAWW! *starts crying again*


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