Posted by: Josephine | March 26, 2008

To Live Another Day

To Live Another Day by Kates Master

Before I start my review, I must warn everyone who hasn’t watched the finale of season 2 of Robin Hood! Major SPOILERS! So beware!

And I can start this by saying that I am not happy with the finale. I stayed in bed for TWO days, crying because of it. I think it’s utterly FOOLISH of the writers to kill off the female lead, and then leave the only other main woman in the bloody desert! Stupid writers. I know I should be blaming Lucy Griffiths (aka Marian) for wanting to leave, but the writers should have known better! They could just send her to an Abbey or something. Then she’s out, and we can still have a fluffy ending. Now Robin’s all alone! Thank goodness for fan fiction, what would I do without it?

Now to the fic I was supposed to write about. Well, this is a piece, or actually a set of one-shots, written to try and find a loope hole, so that Marian can come back. Every chapter shows a new way for her to come back to life. And they’re all very funny! But I have to admit that I in my, shall we say, weaker days, actually start believing that something like that could happen. And if you read, you’ll understand why I’m embarrassed to admit it!

The summary of the first one reads “They’ve accidentally buried her in Persia, on top of the Sands of Time, which do their stuff, and, voila – one living breathing, stab-woundless-Marian. Albeit, hundreds of miles from where she needs to be, but still…” Do you see what I’m talking about?


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