Posted by: Sara | March 26, 2008

They cheated on me with each other

Dumdidam^^ I’m a baaad student… I should study math, and write my special project for film studies (I’m writing about fantasy movies^^) but fanfiction is sooo much more fun:D and computer crashed… But I’m getting a new rabbit! (my old one died two years ago, he was nine years old and my darling)

Anyway, I checked and found this little fic.  At first I discarded this one ’cause I saw Tifas name in the summary but then I reread the title. It’s a nice little oneshot from Tifas POV. For a long time she’s been pining after her best friend Reno and then a new kid moves in. Can Tifa be happy with Cloudy or is Reno the one who’s gonna be happy?

Come on Tifa! Sing along!

Ev’rybody’s gonna be happy,

‘cept you and me my love  


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