Posted by: Josephine | March 25, 2008


This blog claims to be about fanfiction and fanart, yet I can’t see any of the latter…So here’s the first! Yay!

I thought I’d like to bring everyone’s attention to my all time fav artist, Lauren Berghol. Her style is sorta disneyish (?), which I LOVE, since I adore disney cartoons! They’re sooo adorable! Anyway, she mostly does Ron/Hermione-stuff, but I love her tonks too! Um, what else should I say? Don’t know, I’ll let the picture talk for itself!

Switch-a-Roo Part II




  1. yay for you! You updated, TWICE! I’m not alone! Now, back to schoolwork…

  2. I know! Yay me! 😀

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