Posted by: Sara | March 16, 2008

Phoenix Down

Hi it’s me again (I have no life) so now I’m updating again 😛

I’ve just finished reading this fic called Poenix Down. It’s a crossover between Harry Potter and Final Fantasy VII. PD is not yet completed and I’m really not sure what the main pairing is but for now I would say Harry/Cloud/Reno (add some chocolate and voilà!).

During a fight with Voldemort, Harry gets transported to Gaia and picked up by our favorite delivery boy. At the same time, a gigantic phoenix appears in the “real” world. When Harry gets hold of a seemingly broken phoenix materia, he’s beginning to see a connection…

I just had to write about this story^^. I mean, it’s my two favorite fandoms smashed into one:D and Harry, Cloud and Reno would look so cute together. All that pretty hair O_o I just wanna run my fingers through it.

The story also had the most wonderful summary:

“A summons went horribly, horribly wrong. But who cares? Now Harry Potter and Cloud Strife are on the same world. Harry, that sword’s too big for you”

Okay, hopefully next time, somebody else will update. Till then, my to-do list:

1. finish my social sience/geografy thingy or else Martina won’t be happy

2. find the second huge materia (no, I haven’t finished ffVII yet)

3. Watch to much Rome and call my brother to whine about mistakes (being a history geek runs in the family)

4. whine to mother about Maraget Thatcher (connected to the first point on this list)

5. study for maths test and be happy, soon it’s easter holiday ^^

bye have fun :*


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