Posted by: Sara | March 12, 2008

Life has the Tendency to Just Suck That Way

Hello, Sara here again. I’ve spent my whole day whining at Martina, trying to get her to update this blog but nooo. So now I’m doing it instead.

I’ve just finished reading this story called  Life has the Tendency to Just Suck That Way 

It is a Final Fantasy VII/ Kingdom Hearts story (but I still haven’t played KH and understand the story) Main pairing is Zack/Cloud and it’s rated M.

The story focus quite much on Cloud dealing with a rejection from his former best friend and Zack trying to deal with his parents homophobia.  The physical relation between Cloud and Zack is not very developed and I really don’t think that the story need to be M rated. I love the story thought. It’s cute and I once again wish I’d been born a boy, gay and part of a Final Fantasy game.

Over and out, now I’m going to go and make myself a nice cup of tea (I’m addicted, three cups a day or else massive headache.) And now our classroom’s injured by damp and our beloved waterboiler is being held hostage by evil workers (meaning the classrooms locked and the boiler’s still inside) so no tea durring schooltime:'( How am I going to survive and stay awake?)


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